About Us

A leading provider of integrated services specializing in multi-unit, commercial & healthcare spaces.

We are one of the only agencies on the market today whose business model is all encompassing and never subcontracts out any of its work.

Our record of exceptional work and stringent results combined with our ability to meet and or exceed even the most demanding of deadlines has been well documented as we continue to build on a foundation of integrity, professionalism and results driven performance.

We have managed and or currently have under management millions of ft² and as our portfolio continues to grow, we are consistently enhancing ways to improve upon our industry known results.

Our Story

We are a leading provider of integrated facilities and construction services specifically specializing in affordable housing residential spaces with a combination of commercial and healthcare spaces all located within community empowerment zones. Our mission is simple, to focus all of our efforts on those communities whose residencies need us the most and whom our work will have the greatest impact on.

Our efficient & rapid delivery of support services, through out our clients and tenants assets allows for true enhanced value added achievements that not only focuses on maximizing landlord tenant value but an improved quality of life for those occupants occupying residential, spaces and those who choose to have their businesses in commercial spaces which provide local residencies with increased job opportunities and career growth as if that is not enough we have a dedicated division of healthcare professionals who ensure these spaces are maintained in the highest possible standards to render its residencies with the best healthcare on the market today.

From basic services to custom tailored strategic allocations our state of the art cost cutting solutions provide for a dynamic and cutting edge approach that demonstrates immediate benefits and eliminates unnecessary costs With an average savings to our clients of 33% within the 1st 30 days we systematically improve overall performance by as much as 75% and deliver projects ahead of schedule. As a result we have consistently outperformed all of our clients  previous vendor relationships and exceeded their expectations. From services such as tenant retention and leasing services, to interior and exterior management  all part of a comprehensive and detailed approach we continue to build upon with meticulous outcomes using state of the art software and equipment. Our portfolio of assets is compromised of properties whom have all increased in value while month to month costs have either dropped considerably or been eliminated all together It is for this reason we have maintained one of the highest client retention ratios anywhere in the industry. By doing away with cumbersome and burdening barriers we have perfected the logistical necessities of our clients assets under management and monetized it’s output rendering the highest possible profit margins without comprising on services or quality.