How to recognize that your building janitorial / cleaning services neglecting your needs

There are many commercial cleaning companies, but most of them neglect the focus on sustainability or help their customers reduce their environmental impact. That’s a shame because there are now great cleaning tools that provide thorough cleaning while limiting environmental impact and human comfort. At GFM, we strive to find these products and focus on sustainability. Discover what other benefits you can get by hiring sustainable janitorial and cleaning services.

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Protect Your Environment

Cleaning products and techniques can still have a major impact on the environment. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect our environment, not only as individuals but also as businesses.

While you may not know much about how to prevent these potential impacts, doing your part to protect the environment can be quite simple. When you choose janitorial services, all you have to do is choose a company that has already done the hard work of choosing the right cleaning products.

What cleaning services should you look for?

A company that reduces the number of paper products used and even shows you other eco-friendly solutions you can use in your workplace.

GFM uses environmentally friendly practices for commercial cleaning. Our own cleaning practices are environmentally friendly. For example, we wash and reuse our clothes instead of using disposable paper products that could end up in a landfill.

With regular performance evaluations and reports, we make sure we’re using the best practices to protect the environment for all of our customers. That means you don’t have to worry about how your cleaning services are impacting the environment.

Protect Customer and Staff Comfort

Another element of sustainable cleaning is reducing the impact of cleaning products on human health. You benefit from this by making sure your employees, customers, and other guests feel comfortable, happy, and safer.

In contrast, workplaces full of unpleasant chemical odors can make staff feel uncomfortable and unproductive. This is especially challenging if you’re planning an office cleaning in germ-infested environments. In this case, you want to use strong chemicals to kill germs, but you know it might make some people uncomfortable.

By choosing a cleaning company that uses better cleaning equipment and is more aware of its impact on people and the environment, you can reaffirm your commitment to people’s health and safety and to protecting the environment.

Enhance your company’s reputation

Companies that position themselves as environmentally friendly, or want to do so, must ensure that they make all of their decisions with an environmentally conscious outcome. Consumers and loyal customers are quick to point out environmentally harmful practices in businesses. They can see your cleaning company at work, and even if they don’t, they’ll see the consequences.

Your company’s cleaning practices can leave an impression on your customers and employees through the quality of the work. The better reputation your business gets from good cleaning can pay off in customer loyalty and employee productivity.