Professional Snow Removal | Plowing | Ice Control

snow removal

At GFM, we know our snow removal service is always ready, whether the forecast calls for a few inches of snow, 8 to 12 inches of snow, or freezing rain. Winter can be unpredictable, but your snow service provider shouldn’t be. If you want a worry-free winter when it comes to snow, give us a call at (347) 380-8787. We don’t take on more work than we can handle, and whether it’s landscaping, tree removal, or snow removal, every customer is our top priority.

Our Services:

  • Snow removal or plowing
  • Ice removal
  • Use of rock salt, calcium, calcium or magnesium mixtures for de-icing
  • Snow clearing and shoveling of sidewalks
  • Commercial and industrial snow management
  • On-Call Sidewalks & Doorway Clearing
  • Snow Dump Fee
  • Gravel Disposal
  • Litter Pick Up/Debris Removal

Well-timed snow removal

If you own commercial property, you probably dread winter. We get a lot of snow, but your business can’t just stop because of the snow. Your customers and employees need access, and so do you.
That’s why you need to clear your parking lot, shovel your sidewalks and haul away all that snow. Fortunately, GFM knows what it’s like to deal with it. After all, we’ve been providing snow removal services to businesses for over 25 years.

What does GFM offer?

No matter how large or small your business property is, GFM is here for you. Our team offers a variety of snow removal services for businesses, from simple sidewalk cleaning to large-scale snow removal and snow plowing.

We offer businesses the option to pay for snow removal on a per-snow basis or sign up for a convenient monthly plan so you never have to worry about snow removal again.

Commercial snow removal monthly plan

During the winter months, our staff works around the clock to manage the frequent snowstorms. You can call us if you need emergency service after a snowfall, or you can subscribe to our commercial monthly schedule for snow plowing services.

With GFM monthly Unlimited package, you pay a fixed monthly rate and our staff will clear the snow from your property after each snowfall. In the event of a large, multi-day snowfall, we’ll clear the snow every 24 hours. We’ll make sure your customers and employees are safe and that you’re in compliance with all city regulations.

“Superior customer service”

We actually always answer the phone and respond to your emails right away! You hired us to save time, not waste your time.

Bonded & Insured

Many service providers don’t have the right insurance, which can leave you vulnerable to damages and even lawsuits! GFM is fully insured and liable.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in honest service at an honest price. You’ll never see “extra”, surprise charges, or hidden fees on your invoice.