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Facility owners can trust GFM with all tree services needs. Our clients appreciate the value that old trees bring to their properties. If you need tree services or landscaping, call us at (347) 380-8787. From tree planting to tree removal, we can handle it all.

tree services

Check out the list below for the tree maintenance services we offer:

Tree Planting

Tree trimming

Tree removal

Tree Installation

Stump grinding

24-hour emergency storm damage repair

Visual improvements

Tree wiring

Shrub trimming

Tree Planting

With over 25 years of experience, GFM can handle any tree planting you desire with ease. Maybe we recently removed an old tree from your property and you want to bring some green back into your landscape by planting a tree, or you’re building a commercial property and desperately need some green accents. No matter why you need a tree planting service, we can help. Our property maintenance skills are sure to exceed your expectations.

Tree Pruning

When it’s time to prune or trim trees, leave this and other landscape maintenance work to GFM. With our expertise and years of experience, we can properly prune trees without damaging them. Our best equipment makes our tree care work efficient and safe. We’re just a phone call away! We’ll take care of all your tree work needs: Tree pruning, tree removal, and more. Contact us today and get a quote for FREE!

Tree Removal

Lost a tree to disease, drought, or storm damage? If that is the case, GFM can provide timely and safe removal of the tree. If a tree is weakened or dead due to unforeseen circumstances, it becomes a safety hazard if not removed. Contact our company and we’ll remove the tree before it falls and causes damage or injury. If you need emergency service due to a storm, we can assure you that we’re available 24/7 for storm damage removal. Need to chop up the stumps of a tree that have already been removed? We offer that service, too, so you’re not left with an unsightly stump that blights the landscape of the commercial property.

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GFM has more than 25 years of experience in the landscaping and green industry. We provide commercial property owners with top-notch landscaping and snow removal services. We’re known for our attention to detail and efficient, cost-effective service. Call us year-round for all your landscaping and snow removal needs.

We’re your trusted, fully insured tree service provider. Don’t forget to call us for other landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal services you need throughout the year. Call us today at (347) 380-8787 for more information or to schedule an appointment.