From Daily Maintenance to Major Renovations

GFM provide sustainable and socially considerate building management solutions and preventative maintenance 24/7, 365 days a year for residential, commercial and mixed property. We at GFM are adept at solving problems and offering bespoke, cost competitive solutions tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on cultivating more beautiful and environmentally sustainable buildings whilst fostering harmonious healthy communities.

Customer Service:
  • Obtaining initial permits at the pre-project stage.
  • Approval of project documents at the stage of development of “Project documentation”.
  • Approval of project working documentation.
  • Delivery – acceptance of the object.
Construction Object Management
  • Development of the project implementation period taking into account available resources.
  • Risk analysis and planning the schedule of works.
  • Monitoring and accounting of work performed.
  • Analysis of deviations from the planned progress of work.
Technical Supervision
  • Monitoring compliance with design decisions.
  • Monitoring compliance with construction deadlines and requirements of regulatory documents.
  • Quality control of the materials used.
  • Control of the availability and correctness of Executive documentation.
  • Intermediate acceptance of work stages.
Financial and Technical Audit
  • Control of compliance with the volume and quality of construction and installation works.
  • Control of the cost of purchased equipment, according to the price / quality ratio.
  • Control over the maintenance of accounting documentation.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations on the quality of construction and installation work.