Seamless Construction Management for Your Facility

Construction and management of major capital works is at the roots of our business. We’ve been project managing development works with the ultimate objective of being on-time, on-budget, every time.

Major capital works and construction projects remain an important skillset of our organization. Our management team draws on many years of experience in this area. GFM integrates the pre-construction (programming, planning, design) and construction phases into a seamless process.  We work with your architect in the early stages of the design phase to ensure that your project stays within budget even before construction begins.  Our strategy increases value on the project by delivering the most cost effective results while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Turnkey Management
We have many  years of experience of managing complex projects, regardless of their size and complexity.
Design & Construction
GFM has been managing and delivering building projects across multiple industries since the business was established.
Renovation & Refurbishment
Ongoing, timely, cost-effective reinvestment in our clients’ facilities means you can continue to offer a consistently high standard of service. Our many specialists deliver their expertise with exceptional attention to detail and ensure the highest possible standards are maintained.
Conservation and Restoration
We have strong relationships with specialist master craftsmen and providers who are the very best in their field. Highly specialized, conservation and restoration projects are carefully planned and managed.