Peace of Mind in Healthcare: Professional Decontamination & Management

GFM  has operated an Emergency Service in restricted-access facilities for several years and has responded to a variety of situations. Our clients can reach a GFM call center employee at any time – day or night. GFM’s active response keeps facilities on track and operational with minimal disruption to adjacent sections, relieving stress on valuable facility resources. By being an integral part of facility operations, GFM has the knowledge and expertise to meet the special demands of emergency situations.

When You Require Immediate Response:
  • Broken light covers that could fall and do harm
  • Doors and windows that will not secure create a security issue.
  • Motor failures (not noise issues) / restore power
  • Burning/smoking ballast
  • Leaks causing potential damage, stoppages, no water (not lack of hot or cold water), issues in animal care facilities, pump failures (not noise issues or leaking pumps) stools/urinals running continuously
  • Broken/cracked glass: immediate hazard
  • The fume hood not running, fan not running (not noise issues or ventilation smell issues)
  • ADA issues- doors not operating, restroom with only one handicapped toilet handicapped restroom stall door issues
  • Furnace not working
  • Loose or falling asbestos, hazardous materials spills, emergency fences, or barricades needs
  • Any issues with the Transfer Station
  • Broken fan belts (if the fan is not running)
  • Gas leaks/odors, steam or hot water reheat system leaks
  • Any leaks from an unknown source, gas leaks, or any other problems where we can’t make a determination as to the source of the problem.
  • Plugged AHU Drain Pans
  • Emergency Locates
  • Water distribution failure, reports of discolored/bad tasting water of any level, swimming pool system failure, specialized water system failure, pest control involving biting/stinging insects/animals
  • Building Card Access not functioning-Locked rooms (includes classrooms w/classes soon to start, crafts needing in to work, people locked inside a room, people locked out of a room), broken locks, keys stuck/broke off in the lock, broken door closer, hallway/stairwell doors that will not open.
  • Elevator not running/running erratically/stuck, entrapment, pit retrievals, noises & smells
  • Rainstorm leaks, snowstorm slides/accumulation, large icicles that could do damage or harm if they fall
  • Hot areas in labs/computer rooms/animal rooms/food storage areas/library areas/volatile storage areas.
  • Issues with coolers, cold rooms, warm rooms, freezers, and refrigerators
  • Emergency clean-up of bodily fluids
  • Offensive graffiti
  • Flood or major water leaks
  • Missing traffic signs impacting safety
  • Manholes or sewers backed up
  • Computer server rooms overheating
  • Fume hood systems (group systems) in alarm
  • All fire safety device malfunctions, emergency fire pump repairs
  • Hot/Colds calls from HVAC systems being down (fans, heat exchanger, air compressors)