From Showings to Signing: Your Partner in Successful Leasing

GFM’s lease services process focuses on all of the rent and rent-related charges incurred by a tenant, and our analysis is geared to produce the greatest net recoveries for our clients while maintaining good business relations with their landlords.

GFM recommends commercial properties lease services for several reasons, including:
  • Space acquisition: Leasing is often a cost-effective way for businesses to acquire space, as it eliminates the need to purchase real estate outright and allows businesses to focus their resources on other areas.
  • Flexibility: Leasing offers businesses the flexibility to choose the right space for their needs, and to change or expand their space as their business grows or evolves.
  • Predictable costs: Leasing provides businesses with a predictable monthly cost, which can make budgeting and financial planning easier.
  • Reduced capital expenditure: Leasing eliminates the need for businesses to make large capital expenditures, as it spreads the cost of the space over time.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: In many cases, the landlord is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the leased property, reducing the cost and responsibility of these tasks for the business.
  • Location: Leasing can provide businesses with access to prime locations that may not have been otherwise available or affordable to purchase.

GFM’s leasing services are a valuable resource for commercial businesses looking to acquire space, control costs, and ensure their long-term success.